Welcome to the GiBcraft Adult Minecraft donations page.  Go to the GiBcraft Donations tab at the top of this page to see our different packages and subscriptions.

We appreciate everyone who plays with us and makes the server the place it is, but our Donators help keep the server operating and paid for.  So you guys get the good perks, which are constantly being added to as we can find neat things to give you to make your experience more fun, or more convinient.

All donators start buy purchasing the GiBcraft Donator Package, which permenantly moves you from a Member to a Donator.  It will also give you 30 days of Donator+ features - the benefits of which can be seen in the matrix below



  Member    Donator    DonatorPlus   
Total Residences 7 15 15
Total /sethome 1 5 5
Residences Size 50x50 100x100 100x100
Custom Nickname No Yes Yes
Donator Title No Yes Yes
15min Idle Kick Yes Yes No
Teleport Cooldown Yes Yes No
/pvpon|/pvpoff No No Yes
/workbench No No Yes
/enderchest No No Yes
/hat No No Yes
Forge Server Access*  No No Yes


*Forge Server Access - This allows the Donator+ member to access our current forge servers.  These can include flavors such as Technic, Attack of the B-Team, our own custom modpack created by Cullorblind, of suspiciousdisco fame, and many more.  These servers are subject to change as interest ebbs and flows around them, but will not be taken down without notice.  Most last about 6 months, so far.


Thanks for playing on GiBcraft!